We love God. We believe in the word of God.

Saving much people alive

Our primary objective

At the City of God Christian Centre, we seek God first and our primary objective is to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the use of prayers, worship, teachings, outreaches, publications, and any other means that are available to us.

What we believe

We believe:
  • in the one true living God who is the Eternal and revealed Himself as One co-existing in three Person: Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • only the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God, and is the perfect, all-sufficient rule for faith and practice;
  • in the virgin birth, sinless life, miraculous ministry, substitutionary atonement, bodily resurrection, triumphant ascension and intercession of Jesus Christ, and in His second coming in power and glory for the blessed hope of all believers;
  • in salvation through faith in Christ
  • in the fall of man by voluntary transgression;
  • that all who have truly repented and believe in Christ should be baptised by immersion in water;
  • the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a gift for the believer, and is filled with power for service and speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance
  • in the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of Christ in the Church today;
  • in holiness of life and conduct in obedience to the command of God;
  • that deliverance from sickness, by divine healing, is provided for in the Atonement;
  • all who have truly repented and believe in Christ as Lord and Saviour should regularly participate in communion;
  • in the marriage institution of a man and a woman;
  • in the doctrine of tithe and offering collection;
  • in the doctrine of heaven and hell;
  • in the call of God into the work of the ministry by prayer, fasting and the leading of the Holy Spirit through the leadership of the presbytery; and
  • in the bodily resurrection of all men, the everlasting conscious bliss of all who truly believe in Christ, and the everlasting conscious punishment of all whose names are not written in the Book of Life.

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