Youths Making a Difference For Christ

What we do

ABlaze is  the name  of the youth group at city of God, we believe that God requires us to serve him with our youthful strength, that is why we cultivate our youths into godly men and women. We encourage our youths to prioritise spending time in the word of God and spending time and effort serving in his house, we also encourage our youths to keep Godly company and Godly relationships, always representing God in the way they compose themselves in the community and in their life decisions.

How we do it

We understand that youthfulness desire a vibrant and social environment to express its creative energy, that’s why as a church we have a vibrant environment full of opportunity for our youths to express their God given creativity for the glory of God. We do this through ABlaze choir  a vibrant youth choir which holds a yearly conference called the ABlaze conference, we also hold every year  Heart to Heart a relationship seminars for our youths to learn Gods maind about dating and courtship. Acoustic nights are also held, this is an opportunity for our youths to take on the stage and showcase their talent for the glory of God and also as a means of evangelism to the community.

NU ABlaze

NU ABlaze is the university campus wing of our youth group, it is currently located at Northumbria university which is just three miles from our church headquaters, NU ABlaze hold weekly bible fellowship group at the university. We are on a mission to spread the good news of the gospel around universities around the country and we are just getting started.