Every Woman Matter

God is speaking to the women of this generation

You Matter - With Pastor Ufumwen Onoka

Every 2nd Thursday of the Month

God is addressing the women of this generation

God has inspired pastor Ufunwen to address some of the important issues facing women in this generation, below are  some of the topics she will be addressing  through out the course of the year. God is speaking, will you be listening?

You Matter

Understanding the value of a Godly woman and how to care for her according to God’s word.

Financial Empowerment

Pastor Ufunwen Onoka will be sharing biblical secret for women to become finacially empowered.

Raising Godly Children

Pastor ufunwen shares Godly principles according to scriptures on how women of God should raise their children

How to be lead by the Holy Ghost

Being led by the holy ghost is the secret of becoming a godly woman, that’s why pastor Ufunwen will be looking at pratical steps to be lead by the holy spirit from the bible.

Living with our spouse

There’s a biblical roles for women according to scriptures, and understanding this shines the light to the secret of a sucessful marriage.

He will not inherit with my son

Pastor Unfunwen will be unravelling a revelation given to her by the holy spirit about the inheritance of a Godly woman. 

Hear from pastor Ufunwen