Designed to Overcome – Part 1

Pastor Ken

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1st February 2019




I John 5: 4-5 (MSG)

To be ‘designed to overcome’ means that winning is inscribed in the very nature of your being; it means that there is no failure in your DNA. So whatever the excuse is, get over it, for you have been programmed to overcome.

An overcomer is someone who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of problems or any situation.  Overcomer’s are capable of coming over things that can stop their lives from getting ahead. I intentionally use the word ‘ahead’ because anybody can get by, but an overcomer gets ahead. That is what God has designed you to be. What could those things be that can stop or limit us? It could be sin. It could be the cares of this world. It could be the pride of life. It could be the devil. You see, I put him last because he has no power over you.

God has programmed you, has designed you to overcome and I want you to carry this mentality. From today, develop the mindset that you’re designed and programmed to succeed. It’s simple! When you pick up a calculator, it is designed to add up, multiply, and do whatever you have to do with numbers whether you like it or not. You are much superior to a calculator because God has so programmed you and so designed you to function at the capacity of habitually overcoming all the challenges that life may pose to you. Receive the grace to function at this realm in the name of Jesus!

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