Bishop John Francis “The Non-sense of God” MP3



City Changers Conference 2015 Day 5- Grand finale with Bishop John Francis

Bishop Francis exhorts on this life changing message “The Nonsense of God”.  Are you intrigued? Order a copy of this message to learn more

“And God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” Genesis 2:7

Bishop John Francis is a man of distinction, someone with a clear sense of purpose and willing to stand in the face of adversity. His anointing is evident and the trademark dynamism associated with him, injects ‘life’ and restoration wherever he goes. Sharing his Vision, Bishop Francis challenges the Body of Christ to shake off complacency and live as God intended, fruitful and effective.

He is uncompromising and means serious business for God. As a result, he is always in great demand for preaching engagements, as well as imparting ministerial advice and spiritual wisdom through the covering he offers Pastors as part of his established Patris Fellowship.

Operating in his gift as an Apostle and speaking with a prophetic voice, Bishop Francis preaches the unadulterated Word of God and, as a consequence, many can testify that their lives have changed, for the better.

Consecrated to the office of a Bishop on Sunday, 7th June 1998, he is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Ruach Ministries (Brixton, south London), one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the UK. Starting from humble beginnings, with only a handful of faithful members, the church has grown rapidly and continues to grow. Four services are held every Sunday, with over 5,000+ people in regular attendance.

A recipient of the British Gospel Association’s (BGA) Award,‘Contribution to Gospel Music’ and ‘Gospel TV Series of the Year’ (as co-presenter of the UK’s pioneering Gospel TV programme, ‘People Get Ready!’), he is clearly a multi-talented, multi-faceted Man of God. Bishop Francis has also performed in the presence of Her Majesty, the Queen, the Prince and late Princess of Wales, as well as touring all over Europe doing countless musical workshops, TV, radio shows with the renowned choir – The Inspirational Choir (UK).

Bishop Francis Choir – The Ruach Ministries Choir and Musicians also recorded on the Donnie McClurkin “Live in London” Album which has now reached platinum.

Bishop Francis’ Ministry is local, national and, international; more than 126 million viewers alone in the USA are able to watch his Broadcast Ministry, ‘Order My Steps’. The programme is also seen on BET throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia,CMTV – Jamaica, TBN – Church Channel, The Word Network,INI Network, TBN – Europe, Revelation TV and TBN –Worldwide Flagship,

The Order My Steps Conference hosted its first international tour in Germany and Atlanta in 2004.

He is the author of, ‘Is There a Word from the Lord? ‘What Do You Do When You’re Left Alone?’‘10 Steps to Get out of Debt’‘The Pastors & Church Workers Handbook’ and has released 3CD’s entitled, ‘Finally, Bishop John Francis’‘One Lord, OneFaith’ and ‘Manifestation of the Promise’.

Bishop Francis is married to Co-Pastor Penny, who has worked alongside him throughout his Ministry. They have three lovely daughters, Juanita, Teleisa and Charisa.


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