Designed to overcome – Part 3

Pastor Ken

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2nd February 2019




I John 5: 4-5; Revelations 2: 7; 3: 5 & 21 (AMP); Jude 3

For the past two weeks, we have been looking at how we are designed to overcome. But then how do we overcome? One of the things we saw in the book of first John chapter 5 from verse 4 is that it talks about the fact that we are overcomers. That was settled! And then in verse 5 corresponds to what we saw in Revelations.

Revelations 2: 7; 3: 5 & 21 mention that we overcome simply by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Permit me to say here that anybody can say “I believe in Jesus!” What does it really mean when we say we believe in Jesus? Looking at I John 5: 4-5 closely, we see something that I was talking about, and that’s what Jude was saying here too. He says it has been delivered already to you; there’s nothing new that’s coming. He says “I am writing urgently to you” because of how important this is. The issue is that you begin to contend for the faith. You see, when the enemy comes against the believer, he is not looking for your money. Apostle has said it: the enemy is not interested in your money; he’s not really interested in the children; he’s contending for your faith. That’s what the enemy wants!

The devil wants you to give up; he wants you to drop this belief that you have. So everything he throws at you is going to be what you are familiar with; it’s going to be what you really cherish, but what he is after is the faith and so the scripture says that you must “make every effort”. It says “contend, fight”! The Amplified Bible says, “fight strenuously”. You know what it means to strain yourself? You are going the extra mile. Not just going the extra mile, you are putting everything you have into it. Fight this good fight of faith. So what does it really mean to believe? It is to put your faith in God’s word; so whatever God has said, you hold on to it and you know that it will come to pass. That’s the sure way to overcoming. Amen!

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