City Changers Conference 2014 - Dr Peter Gammons "Five Smooth Stones -Part One"

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City Changers Changers 2014 Day 7- Dr Peter Gammons exhorts on the Five smooth stones David used to slay goliath and the significance of each stone. The first stone was symbolic of the blood of Jesus. In the book of revelations chapter 12 verse 11 and they overcame by the blood of the lamb.

Bio: Dr Peter Gammons has spoken to larger crowds than any other person in history, with over four million people attending a single service in manila, Philippines, the crowd stretching over four miles. A further 20 million also watched the event live by television.One South American political leader became a close friend after his staff attended one of Dr Gammons'meetings and excitedly told how they had witnessed him line up all the deaf and dumb and how they had all been instantly healed. The next meeting he brought his sister to the meeting because she had been deaf for 30 years and she was instantly healed.

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