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One of the sure ways to overcome is through your testimonies; they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:11). When you cultivate a life style of testifying of God’s goodness and His doings in your life, it brings strength to you and others that hear and read your testimony.

Testimonies reproduces itself by Pastor Bright Onoka. Someone may be experiencing a similar situation to you and by testifying of Gods deliverance as they hear your testimony it stirs up faith in such an individual and causes them to believe that God can also intervene on their behalf, and they experience breakthrough.

If God has used this ministry to be a blessing in your life and you have a testimony worth sharing, then go right ahead. Please fill out the “Comment” form as shown below and encourage someone today.

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It was in Feb 2010, few days after child birth, I started feeling a sharp pain at the right side of my stomach. I complained to the doctor who then referred for a scan. The result showed that my kidney was inflamed. The Doctor prescribed some drugs for me and assured me I was going to be okay. The pains left. After a long while it started again and since then the pains come intermittently but I refused to go see a doctor. I believed God for my healing and kept confessing God's word saying " I am not the sick trying to get healed but the healed of God resisting every form of sickness”. The pain started very severely again in January 2014. Because of d severity of d pain I decided to go see a doctor, who also referred me for a scan. During our 21 days fasting and prayers I kept on praying for my total healing also continued with the confession of faith. I finally went for the scan in the month of March 2014 and the result showed that nothing was wrong with me or any organ of my body.

I’m so grateful to God for healing me.
Praise God.
Posted By: Anonymous
Via Internet
Company Policy changed in by engaging the keys of prayer and kingdom service

I believe I owe God thanks. In February, the month of service I asked God to grant me favour so I could stop working on Sundays as I really wanted to be in church for the worship service.

I also desired a pay rise but didn't mention it as I felt serving God's purpose was more important and really preferred it to having more money. God did not only change my company policy to keep me off working on Sundays but He also gave me a pay rise! God indeed is worth believing because HE will always fulfill His promise. Praise God!
Posted By: Sis C.
Divine health restored – There is Power in the Spoken Word

The year 2011 was our Year of Total Restoration… Throughout that year we believed and confessed the total restoration of our health, finance, marriage, job … . I believed and confessed it with everyone else.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been ill, particularly from 2004, the situation got so bad, that I was always in hospital for surgery or for follow-up treatments. It became so normal that the nurses knew me by name (which I assure you is not a good thing) because every year, I had to be in hospital at least three times. However in 2010 I re-dedicated my life to God and decided to serve God again.

In December 2010, I moved to a different house and as is normal practice, I planned to register with a GP in the area but for whatever reason I forgot. It was not till at least year after, that it occurred to me that I did not have a GP!!! As I was about to panic, it dawned on me that you know what??? I have not been sick since I moved house in 2010… .I have not been sick till date and I thank God for the total restoration of my health. God is truly the only healer and He restores ☺
Posted By: Ada
Deliverance through the power of the Holy Communion

There are several keys of the kingdom that we could engage to stop the harassment of the devil in our lives (Matthew 16:19). The Holy Communion is one of them.

I went to Nigeria for holiday with my family. We stayed at my mother-in-law’s house. One night we were all asleep; suddenly there was a voice asking me to wake up

and as I opened my eyes, I saw my husband shaking with fear and crying. All he was saying was, “come and see, it my mother”. I rushed quickly to the room where his mother was and I saw her complaining of weakness and unable to move from her bed. My husband was running up and down trying to find a way of getting her to the hospital as it was in the midnight. First I was worried because I did not know what to do. Then suddenly the Spirit of God came to me and asked “I taught you are a believer” and I went “yes” then He said “where is your faith” and I said to Him “my faith is still there stronger than before”, and then he said if that was the case then prove it by taking holy communion. After this message I said “halleluiah!, thank you lord”. I told my husband to calm down that god was in control. At this stage I asked my sister-in-law if she could get me some bread and water, I prayed over both and we took it. Within 15 minutes of taking the Holy Communion, her strength was restored and she was able to get up and move around. Due to this, I was so emotional and I started crying, rejoicing and praising God.
Posted By: Bolatito
Financial Restoration

Sometime in 2010, a friend told me of his testimony how he got back the income tax he had overpaid to Inland Revenue. His testimony encouraged me to contact the Inland Revenue to check whether I had ever overpaid my tax.

Because of his testimony, I was believing that God would reproduce the same testimony for me. After a few days, the Inland Revenue sent me a cheque for the tax I had overpaid (including tax I had overpaid some 5 years before). I thank God for the financial restoration.
Posted By: Eric
The blessing of the fruit of the womb activated through the spoken word of God.

I want to thank my heavenly father for his goodness; His word is true I can testify that. It was on a Sunday morning in 2010. I woke up and as I was getting ready to go to church I had this feeling in me that was crying out for a Rhema word I didn’t know what it was but it was so strong in my heart.

My husband and I had been invited by our friends to their church - City of God Christian Centre in Newcastle. Although it was in our mind to go to church that morning it was not in Newcastle, but we eventually got in the car and drove to City of God, Newcastle. The worship was so good. You could just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I can still remember sitting down after the worship and still feel the urge for a word from God.

After the announcements Pastor Bright started and the first words that came from his mouth were “If you are here for the first time and you are believing God for a Child I command that spirit of bareness to go!” I SHOUTED A BIG AMEN. Then Pastor said “you are the seed of Abraham and the bible says that the seed of Abraham is fruitful”. That word just said it all. I was just visiting the church. After few months I went back to testify of the results of the word that was spoken by Pastor Bright. Now I am a proud mummy of the most beautiful baby in the whole world, baby Jesse. He will be one year on 6th of March, 2012. I want to thank Pastor Bright for letting God use him to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the power that works unto salvation for everyone who believes. I believed it, I received it and I am walking in it. Just to encourage anyone who is reading this - maybe you are believing God for the same, just like Pastor Bright said you are blessed and fruitful according to the word of God. Stay blessed.
Posted By: Florence
Deliverance from Insomnia through the power of the Holy Communion

Over a year ago since I partook in the celebration of the Holy Communion service at the City of God Christian Centre by joining the service online. I believe it was God that led me as I had been suffering from lack of sleep for over 2 years and the night before the service specifically for peace in our homes and being able to sleep,

I called a friend and told him of my predicament and my inability to sleep. He prayed for me that night and told me to try and sleep.

The next evening, he called me and invited me to try and join the church online in a 7 day session on the Power of the Holy Communion. That evening I tuned in and to my surprise and delight the pastor was speaking about sleep and rest. That God has given us night time to sleep in peace in our environment. I prayed with the pastor online and then took the communion with the church and that night fell into such a deep sleep that I could not hear the alarm the next morning. I must confess that since then I have been able to sleep well. Also, I have mentioned the teaching to all my family so they can apply the Holy Communion when they are going through difficulties.
Posted By: Chi
Scheduled surgery cancelled

Earlier this year I had a surgery on an abscess on my inner thigh. Nine Days after my surgery I was told the abscess had developed again and that I needed to have another surgery.

I spoke to Pastor Bright during the prayer and fasting period and a day before the surgery, Pastor prayed for me and I went the following morning to the hospital with faith that there would be no surgery. When I was at the hospital I waited for a doctor to assess me, and after a long assessment, the doctor said there was no cause for alarm and that I shouldn't have been sent for another operation. I thank The Lord for His Healing power over my life and for cancelling the second operation. I am also recovering well. Amen.
Posted By: Temi
Testimony of Divine Healing

I would like to thank God for His healing hands upon my life. One of the days I was on my way to church for the prayer and fasting, I slipped and fell down, hitting my right limb on a slab.

Afterwards, I started experiencing severe pains, but I really thank God for the understanding I got from the communion messages. Taking the communion prayerfully on one of the prayer and fasting days, I received an instant healing.

I would also like to bless the name of the Lord for my family. I remember on one of the days of prayer and fasting, we were asked to pray for our families. I prayed about a job issue that my aunt has been having. I just bless God because I received a call and I was told that my aunt has got a job. The most fascinating part of it all is that she didn't even apply for the job, but she was called for an interview. She was given the job that same day.

I know I serve a mighty God who answers prayers. I got a scholarship to school here in the UK. My sponsors paid my school fees but didn't pay my accommodation fees. I received series of letter that stating that I had a bill of over £2,500. I tried contacting my sponsors but I didn't get any response from them. It got so bad that the accommodation officer said that legal actions would be taken. During one of the prayer and fasting days, Pastor Bright said we should bring any physical evidence of debt we owe. I brought one of the letters and poured out my heart to God. I just want to thank Him because He showed forth Himself. The next day, I sent a mail to my sponsors and I received an instant response. Two days after, they paid every penny of the debt and also extra money was added to my account. I just want to appreciate God for his goodness and favor.
Posted By: Faith
Academic Excellence

During the fasting and prayer session in January 2013, our pastor explained the importance of fasting and praying, and instructed us to pray for at least an hour before going to be throughout that period. I did as we were instructed and God favoured me.

One night I had to prepare for an examination I had the following day, but I still took time out to pray for an hour before studying. God multiplied my little effort and gave me wisdom and understanding for the examination. I finished a 90 minute paper within 30 minutes and made triple distinctions. Praise the Lord!
Posted By: Tairat

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