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Praise and Worship Ministry

1. The COG music team aims to inspire, nurture and cultivate true worshippers by giving a refreshing spiritual experience thereby saving much people alive.

2. Through our songs, the City of God music team addresses all that the Lord has in mind for the church.

3. The COG music team creates the right atmosphere for God's presence to touch the lives of people  congregation and bless all those who listen to us minister to the Lord.

4. The COG music team works towards identifying and developing musical talents.

5. The COG music team  reflects the church’s international posture by introducing songs that cuts across a multi-cultural audience.

Our Core Values

Deep Spiritual work




We believe worship is not just what we do when we come to church. It involves our whole life; everyday, everything that we do, is to bring praise to God. With that understanding, when we come together as a church family to worship we celebrate what God is doing in our lives everyday.

The COG music team would use our God-given abilities during our Celebration Services to bring honour and worship to God while using the creative arts to communicate to enhance the experience of the people who are present. It is our desire to serve the Lord through our creative abilities with excellence and in doing so, bring honour and glory to him.

The COG music team will strive to develop an environment of excellence to reflect that character of the one we worship. Our desire is that the whole congregation would learn to joyfully express the wonderful praise which is due our Lord.

Therefore, it is the goal of the Worship Team to lead the congregation to prayerfully prepare, diligently develop, their ability and sensitivity to Worship.

Worship Team Member and Lead Vocalists requirement.

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