To preach the message of salvation, hope and deliverance to every unsaved, backslidden and dying soul in Newcastle and her neighbour town/cities .


Giving hope to the despondent through the preaching of the bible (Isaiah 61:1)

Warning sinners/ people of the consequences of living and dying without Christ (Ez3: 17)

To set the bound free from the captivity of the devils through the preaching of the word of God and by the manifestation of the power of God (1 Jn3: 8b, Mk6: 12-13, 1Cor1: 17-18, 1Cor 2: 4-5, Luk10: 19)

Obeying the great commission given to us by our lord and master Jesus Christ that is “Go ye into all nation and preach the gospel to every creature”. (Mk.16: 15, Mtt28: 19, Acts1:8)

Fulfilling our mandate as Christians which is to win souls and make more converts for Christ, thereby reducing the number of people perishing (Prov11: 30)

To magnify the name of Jesus Christ and manifest the power in that name, for Christ to draw more souls unto himself (Jn12: 32)

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City of God Christian Centre
Head office
25 ChurchWalk
Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK NE6 3DP


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